4×4-trail through the national park of Picos de Europa

The national park “Picos de Europa” is a mountain chain located in the north of Spain. There is a 4×4-trail running through it, which is open for the public. Unfortunately we have no pictures of it, because we were so busy staying on it with our truck. The result of this adventure was a flat tire. The changing of the tire, though, is very well documented:

Actually we did not go there to do the trail, but to do some mountain hiking. We wanted to stay the night in the middle of the park to go walking the next day. Though you are allowed to drive with your car through the park, there is no chance to stay there for the night. Late in the evening a ranger came to our place to tell us that we had to leave.


  1. Hallo ihr zwei, wollte euch noch schreiben das ihr auf jedenfall zu den Picos müsst, wusste ja nicht das ihr schon so weit seid.
    War da auch mal in der Nähe von Cavodonga, einfach nur herrlich die Landschaft da.
    Aber lasst mich raten, es regnet gerade 😁.
    Viele grüße aus der Eifel

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