The national park “Picos de Europa” is a mountain chain located in the north of Spain. There is a 4×4-trail running through it, which is open for the public. Unfortunately we have no pictures of it, because we were so busy staying on it with our truck. The result of this adventure was a flat tire. The changing of the tire, though, is very well documented:

Actually we did not go there to do the trail, but to do some mountain hiking. We wanted to stay the night in the middle of the park to go walking the next day. Though you are allowed to drive with your car through the park, there is no chance to stay there for the night. Late in the evening a ranger came to our place to tell us that we had to leave.

There is a story about a name of a Mitsubishi 4×4-model that did not comply to political correctness in all languages. During a midnight meal with the warden of the hostel we were staying close to two days ago I asked him if the story was true. He confirmed that “Pajero” in Spanish slang means “wanker”. So, I wondered, if this particular model is called Pajero in Spain as well. Yesterday I found out:

I am surrounded by wonderful nature looking at the ocean and keep asking myself this question. I am still convinced that we are heading in the right direction: to Portugal and to a new sustainable life. But are we travelling fast enough?

We started to contact eco villages in Portugal, and they are responding. If we want, we can begin to work on an eco-farm as soon as possible. But instead of going there directly, we let ourselves be distracted by the Pyrenees and the Atlantic ocean. We use our pets as an excuse. They get stressed by long rides with the truck as do we. Even short trips of 100 kilometres can be very stressful in the heat of Spain in summer. We are telling ourselves that we should enjoy the travel because we won’t have one for quite some time. I guess, we have to live with this ambiguity until we will arrive in Portugal – in three weeks or so…

When I see a helicopter manoeuvring closely, I become a little child again that cannot resist to watch. Because of the invention of smartphones I can film it and put it online to share with others.