I am missing Brazil

This picture was taken just a few minutes before I had to leave Brazil. It resembles exactly how I felt that moment. My body was about to go, but I’d rather stay there. Three years I lived in Brazil, almost every day wearing short trousers. When I entered Brazil the first time, I was allergic to heat and insects. That’s definitely gone now. Today I am allergic to temperatures below zero and whole months without a single ray from the sun.

When I watch pictures from Brazil, it starts to feel like an episode from Star Wars (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…). My life changed extremely the last months, and because I was very distracted, only now I realize how much I miss friends and the Brazilian way of life.

I miss the frequent walks with the dogs with my neighbours Irene and Flavio as well as the wildlife encounters on the road and on the farm.

I miss Jamie, that crazy bastard, and get-togethers with friends and my swimming team.

I miss the cynical but rather accurate South American art and satire.

I even miss the concrete monster called Brasília, sushi Brazilian style with cream cheese, frequent power cuts, broken shower heaters and missing toilet lids.

But most of all I miss you guys. I hope I am going to see you in another galaxy someday in the not too far future…

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