We are finally rolling

6 days ago we hoisted the anchor and set sails for our destination Portugal. We’re back on the road! Right now we are in the middle of France next to the river Loire.

It took us three months to repair and optimize the truck. While we experienced a tough German winter, we renewed the electrical installation, solved gas leaks and rebuilt the fledbed.

The container now is tailor-made for our needs and we moved in.


    1. They are actually fine. Our dog Loukas grew up travelling in a camper van and is enjoying the time we are spending together. Che, our cat, turns out to be an adventurer. Similar to Loukas he hates driving, but he likes to explore new places and hunting grounds. We are letting him out where ever it is possible, even if we stay at a place for only one night. He is even starting to behave like a dog and accompanies us on short walks.

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